Let’s create!

I’m always open to new ideas and create new work. If it’s for a personal or commissioned project. Please feel free to contact me.
I love to work with people, to make portraits in de studio or on location.
I’m used to working in a lively and real setting where situations can change very quickly and I have a studio based in Amsterdam, where we have all the time we need. I would like to invite you to come by for a chat, drinks and some shooting!

  • Jet van Gaal
  • 06 54 25 85 71
  • Adress Studio:
  • Krelis Louwerstraat 1C 17
    1055 KA Amsterdam
  • info@jetvangaal.com


I am affiliated with the professional organization DuPho. DuPho stands for Dutch Photographers, an organization for professional photographers.


Jet is a Fine Art photographer based in Amsterdam. Graduated from the Amsterdam Photo Academy in 2018. Her work aims to open the eyes for the vulnerability in all of us and the details that are usually overlooked or too easily judged. She wants to shift the focus from the outside to the inside and raise awareness of how taking a different perspective and focus, can reveal a new reality. Reveal the strength which lies in Weakness and shows the Beauty in Imperfection. She wants people to discover the ties that bind us and the common humanity inside us beyond appearance, looks, backgrounds, race, and cultures.


  • 2020 Exhibition, 033Fotostad – Photofestival Apeldoorn
  • 2019 Photo exhibition Nemo Science Museum (10 years)
  • 2019 Photo exhibition See Me, Kunstlijn Haarlem
  • 2019 Photofestival Naarden, series Blueprint at Bastion Oranje
  • 2018 Podium MH, Museum Hilversum. Presentation Blueprint
  • 2018 Photo exhibition Lucid, series Blueprint, Loods 6 Amsterdam
  • 2018 Exposition, Roest Amsterdam
  • 2018 Exposition, Pllek Amsterdam
  • 2013 Photofestival Naarden, series God bless us


  • 2019 Fresh Eyes Photo, new Europan Photograph
  • 2019 SO Award Dutch Photography student, Dupho


  • 2018 Blueprint, Self Published


  • 2019 Happinez magazine, Blueprint project
  • 2019 PS Parool, Blueprint project
  • 2019 Fresh Eyes Photobook
  • 2019 Shutr Photo Magazine
  • 2016 Kiekiemagazine
  • 2014 FOTOgrafie magazine, Man in Motion project
  • 2013 Kinderen magazine, Mom’s moment
  • 2012 Panorama, reportage Meet Kate Foundation, Ghana

Pubilcations online

  • 2018 Fotoexpositie.nl, exposition Lucid
  • 2018 &C talent
  • 2018 MuseWeekly, interview
  • 2016 Vice, reportage Cuba, centrale wifi-spots
  • 2015 Gezien.nl Save the Children
  • 2016 This is Happening, interview Save the Children
  • 2014 This is Happening, serie God Bless us


  • 2018 Fotoacademie, Amsterdam
  • 2011 Internship, Erwin Olaf
  • 2011 Fotovakschool, Rotterdam
  • 2002-2004 Mode Styling and Visual Merchandiser

Volunteer work

  • Foto Festival Naarden
  • Meet Kate Foundation, Ghana
  • Dream 4 Kids
  • Stichting Emma Children hospital, Amsterdam